Board announcement: This punishment will be done if you are caught stealing in the board exam

The Most unique app designed for GSEB Student and Teachers.

App Uniqueness ::

- The World's Fastest Paper Generator App.
- Creates Question Paper 10-20 times faster then PC based Software.
- Creates PDF File in less than 1 Second.
- The App is absolutely Offline.
- Elegant Design and Easy to Use.

Benefits for Teachers :

- Deliver Digital Teaching to Students by casting our app on Projector.
- Create Question-Paper Anywhere from mobile and Share to Anyone.
- Set Your Custom Paper-Title and Water-Mark.
- Generate Question Paper Everyday in Seconds.
- Save Hundreds of Hours throughout Year.
- Easy to Revise Syllabus in the last days of Exam.

Features for Students :

- Read all Question-Answers in Mobile.
- Learn Anywhere through our new App.
- Without Internet, Access whole content of Kumar book.
- Create own question Paper for Self-Evaluation.

- Share your difficulties to Teachers by sharing pdf files
GSEB Board Punishment Guidelines For Chatting in Exam

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