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Friends, if you are familiar with the word kanku, you will know all about its importance.  Kanku is used mainly for auspicious and religious occasions.  In addition, Kanku is considered as a symbol of good fortune in our society.  Every married woman puts a bracelet on her santa and it is said that the saints of married women should never be empty.  It is considered inauspicious.
In addition, married women apply kanku santha ma so that their husbands can prolong life.  In addition, you will find that Kanku is also offered to deities and deities.  Currently, in this article today, I will tell you about recipes related to kanku.  So that you become a scribe.
 you wish that the economic condition of your house is strong, then on a Friday, turmeric will be applied to a knot of turmeric and put it in a red cloth, and keep two coins in it.  Now leave this bottle in the vault.  So that never creates a shortage of money in your home.

 There are always some problems in your life.  If you mix kinku with oil on Tuesday and Saturday and offer it to Hanumanji.  Along with this, they also made chickpeas and molasses.  Repeat this process for up to five weeks.
 A recipe associated with kunku is also beneficial for health.  If a person suffers from a blood deficiency and some kind of infection in the body and suffers from any disease associated with blood, fill one hand with a handful of kink to fix it and remove it from head to head seven times.  Try this remedy for five consecutive days.
Kanku will prove useful in the respect of society.  For this, put a little wrinkle and kink on the leaf of a tree.  Now, push it down under a barbell tree.  Try these recipes only on Wednesdays.  Try this recipe for three consecutive Wednesdays.

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 If you are suffering from a shortage of money, apply kanku rice on a watery shrimp.  Tie these shrubs in red cloth and place them in the place of worship.  If you suppose, you should keep this fruit in your workplace regularly and worship it regularly.  So, your finances will improve.
 If you have excessive debt and you want to get rid of it, keep the hair of the nose of a fox singly in a box. Now, in the time of floral constellations, apply a red comb.  So that all your debt goes away and you become debt free.

Friends, there are often situations where we feel that if someone is envious of us, then we can certainly help you to get rid of this anger.  For this, on Sunday the main entrance of the house should be mixed with oil and add Chanda.  Try this process continuously for up to a month.

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 If you want to pass the exams and competitions successfully, then that can be helpful.  For this, on Thursday, Pushpa Yoga, Shukla Party and Ganpati Bapa's temple will be offered on Wednesday.  So, you can pass the exam successfully.

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