If you want to do something, then it has to be an affair. Because nowadays, people are also lazy. And he has thousands of excuses for not doing anything. But this woman from Gujarat is neither educated nor lives in the city. But it earns Rs 1-6 lakh every month.
And many people from the village have also started working after seeing this. And are earning a lot. The woman's name is Kanuben Rawatbhai Chowdhury.
Where is no village Kanuben Patel:  Kanuben Rawatbhai Chowdhury is a rural illiterate woman. But his work has become an inspiration to those who are educated. She lives in Charada village located in Dhanera in Banaskantha district. And she's running her business here.
This village is located near Rajasthan. He has often been honored by his work. The Chief Minister of Gujarat is also a function honoring Kanna Ben. Kanuben was honored by Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani on the occasion of Republic Day 7 in Palanpur.
Animal Husbandry is Kanuben's business:  Kanuben is a cattle ranching business. They have a lot of cows. Through it, he earns around Rs 1 lakh a year. Thus, Kanuben's full name is Kanuben Rawatbhai Chowdhury. A few years ago, she had 3 to 8 cattle, but now she has more than 5 shank cows and 3 herds, through which she is running the milk business.
It produces 3 to 4 liters of milk daily. The milk is sent to Banas Deeri. This earns him between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1 lakh per month.
This is how the animals are served: The  animals are bathed every morning with a shower. In addition, clean drinking water and good food are provided for the animals. Green grass for livestock is planted in five acres of land. He has learned from Anand Dairy and Banas Dairy to manage such a large number of animals.
Animal milk is extracted from automated machines here. Coolers have also been arranged for cooling of the animals during the high heat season.
Got a lot of respect: Kanuben has been honored many  times. Once upon a time, the Chief Minister of Gujarat was also a dignified act.

  • Kanuben was honored by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on 8th Republic Day in Palanpur.
  • Banas Lakshmi Award by Band Dairy Palanpur in Year 1
  • NDDB Annual Outstanding Female Milk Producer Award in Year 7
  • Banas Lakshmi Award by Banas Dairy
  • Best Animal Veteran Certificate by the Department of Animal Husbandry
  • Best Animal Veterinary Certificate by the Arbuda Youth Foundation Dhanera
  • Mahindra Prosperity, an agricultural inspiration honored by Ahmedabad

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