Sanivar Na Divase aa 4 Rasio Par Rahese Sanidev Ni Maherbani badalaya Jase bhagya

Daily horoscope based on Sookshma & Prana Dasha
You should have this daily horoscope app if you wish to have a free Vedic Astrology guidance on your day-to-day activities. Dasha system is used to judge the effects of planetary periods in the native's life. Thus, analyzing the sookshma & Prana Dasha can help judging the possible events of a day.

2. Vedic Horoscope
Accurate analysis of life is given using Vedic Horoscope with forecast and guidance. You will get information about birth details, favorable periods, bhava predictions, dasa predictions, kuja dosha, remedies, yogas and transit predictions.
★ Dasha & Bhava Predictions
Bhava predictions insights on your personality, wealth, career, education, marriage and relationships.​In Hindu astrology, a person’s Dasha/Apahara means, in which planetary period you are, according to your date of birth.
★ Favorable Periods
Starting any venture at the right time is important for success. Horoscope report analyzes dasa and generates favorable time periods for your marriage, career, business and house construction​ and ​also, shows the effect of dasa/apahara.

★ Kuja Dosha and Remedies
Kuja dosha can be analyzed and detailed remedial measures are also mentioned. Remedies means several measures we perform to change the destiny, to solve problems in life, to enhance goodness etc to get desired results. Knowing and then overcoming challenges are important for a successful life. Astrological remedies helps to overcome problems based on
your horoscope analysis.

3. Horoscope Matching/Marriage Matching
Using this daily horoscope app, you can generate online marriage matching reports. In Vedic astrology, marriage matching includes analyzing various parameters such as kuja dosha and other possible doshas affecting your marriage. The reports point out the doshas if any and suggests remedies.

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