The Narendra Modi government has taken a big step in providing employment to rural youth. The government has created a soil health management scheme under the Ministry of Agriculture. Under this scheme rural youths and farmers whose age range is 18 to 40 years can establish a soil testing laboratory at the village level. It costs Rs 5 lakh to set up a laboratory, 75 percent of which is 3.75 lakh.
If the self-help group, agricultural cooperatives, farmer groups or productive organizations establish this laboratory under the Soil Health Management Scheme, they will also get this assistance. Government is providing 300 per sample for soil sampling, testing and making Soil Health Cards available. According to the Minister of Agriculture, young farmers or other organizations wishing to create a lab can propose to the district's Deputy Director (Agriculture), Joint Director (Agriculture) or their office. The soil testing laboratory can be turned on two ways. One shop can be opened by renting a laboratory and the other is a laboratory that can be moved there (rotating laboratory) is called MOBILE SOIL TESTING in English.

First, the business will examine the soil that someone will bring or send to the laboratory and then report it to the customer via e-mail or printout. However, compared to the first option, the second option can be beneficial as far as cost is concerned compared to the first option. A wide range of services can be introduced in the Soil Testing Laboratory. The business of this business can start from a small level and, when it is confident, can move forward. Apart from agriculture, the farmer can also target the food processing industry. Companies that produce seeds, biofuels, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, etc. can also be serviced later by a businessman.

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