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Become a WWII CO commanding an elite fleet, and experience history firsthand!

If you were a WWII CO, how would you have pulled off Operation Dynamo? How would you have retaliated after the attack on Pearl Harbor? 

There is no "if" in the world of "Rise of Fleets: Pearl Harbor", only "how". You can build bases, command fleets, recruit talented hands, harvest natural resources, and build your own empire!

Game Features:
☆Experience history firsthand☆
The Dunkirk evacuation, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Battle of Midway are part of the over 60 historical WWII battles in this game! Recruit historical admirals to your fleet and challenge other players in a battle of wits in this maritime strategy game! Be the next master tactician!

☆Detailed in-game reproductions of famous ships to customize your fleet☆
There are hundreds of famous warships at your command! Kongō, Nagato, USS Midway, Yamato, Iowa Class Battleships, Bismarck, HMS Hood, and many more ships await your command!
You can build your dream fleet by customizing the battleships!

☆Real-time strategy combat☆
You can control multiple warships in real-time during a PvP or PvE battle. Experience the thrills of historical battles!
☆Real-time battle against other players☆
You can battle against other players by raiding their bases and plundering their resources, or become allies and resist foreign invasions together. There are many playstyles you can try!

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